Frequently Asked Questions

What is vChatter?

vChatter is the leading live video chat application. We allow people to connect with their friends and family around the world via live, real-time video chat. We are also a safe, family-friendly place to meet new people and develop meaningful relationships.

Where could I access the vChatter video chat application?

There are two places where you could access the vChatter video chat application. One is on Facebook with the Facebook native application here. The second place is the desination website

Who do I contact for support if I have additional questions.

Please send us an email to Also, our user community is very actively supporting the new users on our Fan Page at

What special software/plug-in do I need to run vChatter?

vChatter would work within any modern browser including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

The only other thing you need with your browser is the Flash Player Plugin. You need Flash Player version 10 or higher. You could download it from

How do I change my webcam or mic settings? How do I make sure that the webcam does not ask for my permission every time I go in?

Right click on your screen (left-bottom quadrant) and then select the right webcam. Here, you could also allow the camera access for all the time.

The Flash Player on my machine (mostly Firefox with Apple Macs) does not let me click on "Allow" or "Deny".

There is a known issue with the Adobe Flash Player on Firefox (Mac version) which results in this frozen state. To fix this please use Safari or Chrome browsers on Mac. Another way to fix this is to use Adobe Settings Manager. Go to Settings Manager. Then go to Website Privacy Settings and select "Always Allow" for

Why do you ask for the permissions on my Facebook account

vChatter uses the Facebook platform to identify the users. We need the permissions to provide you a seamless experience. e.g. The facebook chat experience is required to show you who out of your friends is online at any given point of time and enabling you to contact them.

How do I uninstall vChatter?

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Click on the Account button on the right
  3. Click on "Application Settings"
  4. Find “vChatter Video Chat" and click the "X" on the right.

What is "Post Pic"?

"Post Pic" uploads a snapshot of your camera to a Facebook photo album.

Is vChatter conduct subject to family safe environments (rules on nudity and vulgar language)?

Yes, vChatter is designed to be a safe video chat service that is policed by us and by the user community. vChatter has three levels of security:

  1. vChatter is only available within established social networks where members post their profiles. So you know the real name and location of every person you meet on vChatter.
  2. You can report any inappropriate behavior on vChatter by clicking the "Report Bad Stuff" button located on the right-hand side of the person you are chatting with, and users who behave badly will be banned from the site. We will ban people who over-use the "Report Bad Stuff" button as well.
  3. The vChatter team is continuously monitoring the site and connecting with other users to ward off scams and inappropriate behavior.